Woman Loses Memory and Loving Husband Marries Her Again



Jeremy and Justice Stamper started dating in high school, and have been together ever since.

Then highschool sweethearts Jeremy and Justice had been together ever since so it was expected that they’d soon tie the know when the right time comes. Thus on August 2012, they started their life together as married couples on a wedding held in a state park in Virginia. “We were on top of the world,” Jeremy said.

Last August, the couple got married in a state park in Virginia. "We were at the top of the world, newlyweds and our whole lives head of us," Jeremy Stamper wrote on a GoFundMe page.

But shortly after their wedding, 19 days later, Justice Stamper met a car accident while driving to meet up her husband. Another car struck her car from behind, leaving her with multiple injuries.



But just 19 days after the wedding, the newlyweds faced a serious hardship. Justice Stamper was driving to meet up with her husband when her car was struck from behind. She survived but suffered multiple injuries.

Justice underwent therapy and did well after the accident. Then Justice discovered something that baffled her so much. She couldn’t remember anything that happened during the last five weeks before the accident – and that includes her own wedding. When she told Jeremy about it, he was crushed.

After countless hours of therapy, the newlywed is reportedly doing well. But a month after the accident, she made a heartbreaking confession to her husband.

Hours of looking at their wedding pictures only left her in despair. Try as she might, she could not bring her memory back.



“Just seeing the look on his face when I walk down the aisle to him,” she said. “I would do anything, give anything to have that moment back.”

Though he was heartbroken, Jeremy Stamper thought of throwing another wedding for his wife, so she could once again have a memory of their special day. “I would do it [the wedding] all again for her,” he decided.

As the couple’s story went viral and reached local companies, donations in forms of photography, wedding cake and many more came flooding.



The couple's story soon was picked up by multiple news outlets, which led to local companies donating photography, a wedding cake, and more.

The couple holds on to their faith that Justice will get through her difficult recovery. They have been blessed so much that are more than grateful. “The support that we have received is such a blessing and wouldn’t be possible without the grace of God, Jeremy said.

Jeremy Stamper told BuzzFeed News that they have relied on faith to get through Justice Stamper's difficult recovery, and are relying on faith now as well.

Their second wedding will happen on their first wedding anniversary, August 1.



Watch the video of their second wedding below.



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