Woman Marries Her 2 ft 8 in Lover, Proves True Love Knows No Height


Thirty-five-year-old Sean Stephenson was born with brittle bone disorder, a disease clinically known as osteogenesis imperfecta.  He is happily married to his wife, Mindie Kniss, 36, and their marriage is something that has gained worldwide attention because of its quite unusual nature.

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Due to Sean’s condition, his body was unable to grow properly, causing him to grow only up to two feet and eight inches tall.  People would mock at them, saying that because of the husband’s size, their sex life is probably so stale.

However, Mindie says that their nights are more intimate than what people would have ever expected, adding that they’re happy with each other.  They’ve been receiving e-mails from strangers who insist that Mindie is only staying with Sean for his money and nothing else because he wouldn’t be able to satisfy her in bed anyway.

But the couple simply shrugs the bashful messages aside and goes on proving to the world that what they have is more than what they wanted.  Sean and Mindie want to show everybody that those with disabilities can also live happy lives and have a great sex life too.

For the couple, love is boundless and it doesn’t matter if the other has disabilities because it all boils down to what they feel for each other.

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