Woman Loses Weight Made Husband ‘Insane with Jealousy’ Files for Divorce and Finds Love in Guy 12 Years Younger


Self confidence is very important for everyone, especially for women. Katie Williams, 35, used to be a very big woman, and her size made her lose her self-confidence. In order to be comfortable with her body again, Katie decided to put her wedding with her childhood sweetheart, Phil, on hold until she could lose some weight. The bride-to-be did lose weight and proceeded to tie the knot. However, things in her relationship began to take an undesirable turn later on.

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Katie used to weigh 293 lbs. Before she could walk the aisle, she made a promise that she would lose 141 lbs of weight because she didn’t want to be a large bride.

 2barcroft To reach her goal, Katie went under the knife and had a tummy tuck, gastric surgery, and a boob job. After trimming down, she then exchanged vows with Phil; but then after their marriage, she began to notice some drastic changes in their relationship.With her slimmer body, a lot of other men got attracted to Katie, which drove Phil to become more controlling and jealous all the time.

According to Katie, Phil would often try to bring her down by throwing cruel comments because he couldn’t stand the new confidence that she gained. It got worse that she felt like she was more like one of his possessions than a wife. Feeling like she couldn’t handle it anymore, Katie called their 20-year relationship quits, just two years after they got married.


One month later, she then met Jack, a 23-year-old decorator and painter. They fell in love with each other and have been dating for six months now.


Katie shares that Jack makes her feel that she is loved and surprises her with romantic meals and flowers. Aside from that, the love-struck couple spends their weekends by going to clubs together.


Katie is very happy with her current relationship with Jack. According to her, Jack constantly compliments her, and he makes her feel really sexy. She adds that her young lover has helped her feel better about herself by loving every part of her, including the parts that she hates.


When asked about his partner, Jack says that the age gap between him and Katie is pretty irrelevant. He loves spending time with her, she makes him happy, he makes her happy, and to him, that’s all that matters. He adds that he just can’t get enough of Katie’s hot body.

“Everyone stares at Katie, because she is rather good looking. Blokes stare at her as in the street all the time and I notice it, but I like it because she is on my arm and no one else’s. I do want to make it work. I make her happy and she makes me happy, so I do see a future for us,” Jack adds.
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As of the moment, Katie and Phil are on the process of getting divorced, and she says that she’s has no regrets about her decision.

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