This Woman Thought She Was Just Leaving on a Vacation …See the Amazing Event that Happens Next!


“What if you could marry your love on a plane, would you do it?” 

Although it starts with a simple question, for one couple, this meant the beginning of their happy-ever-after.

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Plane-Wedding 1

Last year, a bus driver named Alexander took the opportunity to marry his two-year girlfriend, Marieke, with the help of Thomas Cook Belgium airlines. However, there was a twist—the wedding will take place 30,000 feet.

Plane-Wedding 2


Alexander wanted everything to be a surprise. So the first thing he planned for was how he could get Marieke on a flight with him and forty other guests, without her knowing. Although it seemed impossible at first, he was able to defy the odds.




Alexander came up with a simple yet attainable wedding plan. He made Marieke believe that she and her sister won a trip to Rhode Island. When all was set, the secret wedding preparations started.

On the day of the ceremony, everyone was nervous, from Marieke’s mother to the rest of the flight crew. But when the plane took off, Alexander’s nerves started to kick in.




If you’re asking what happened next, we suggest you watch the video below.

Find out how the preparations were made without Marieke knowing


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