Loving Parents Sacrifice Themselves to Save Their Baby Daughter

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When a line of tornadoes battered several small communities in Arkansas, Texas, many properties were destroyed, people were critically injured and a couple died. The couple who died was Melissa Mooneyhan, 29 and her husband Michael Mooneyhan, 28.

Michael and Melissa was a young hometown couple trying to raise their one-year-old daughter. They lived in two adjacent mobile homes along D & J Drive.

Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan
The couples’ home was destroyed by the storm.

Neighbor Steve Daugherty tried the couple right after the storm passed but he was not able to find them. When rescuers arrived, they used a specially trained dog to find the couple under the heaps of debris.

When the rescuers finally found the couple’s bodies, they found a young baby nestled between the couple’s lifeless bodies. The baby daughter was unscathed and the rescuers released her to a relative.

The town’s sheriff, Sheriff McJunkins, calls the baby’s survival ‘a miracle.’ The loving parents sacrificed their lives to save their precious baby daughter’s life. This just shows how much parents are willing to do for their children.

Watch the news report about the tragedy below.




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