Man Leaves Wife After She Refuses to Keep Their Baby with Down Syndrome

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What a father is willing to do for his child is something no books can adequately explain.

After she gave birth to their son in January 2015, Samuel Forrest‘s wife, Ruzan Badalyan, told her husband she did not want to keep the baby because he had Down syndrome. But the father insisted otherwise and even went to the extremes just to prevent it from happening.

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Their son was born in his wife’s home country, Armenia, but Forrest flew him to Auckland, New Zealand, where his family lived, in hopes of receiving support from them.


A year later, surprisingly enough, Forrest and his wife have rekindled their relationship.

Ruzan thought that Forrest leaving for New Zealand was enough reason for her to file a divorce, but just a month after he left, she sought ways to reconnect with him and reconcile.




Ruzan admitted that she was at fault, she did not fully understand her son’s condition back then and misunderstood the doctor’s findings.


Now the whole family is back together, and Ruzan moved in with her husband and son, Leo, in New Zealand after realizing that she couldn’t live without him.


The couple shared that their son has shown so much development and that he’snow able to crawl, push buttons, and even utter words like “mom” and “dad.”

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