Man Saves a Drowning Kitten with His Umbrella

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This will not only change the way you think about umbrellas, this would literally move you with compassion that this brave young man displayed to save this little kitten from drowning.

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Man trying to save a cat from drowning

Man trying to saves cat from drowning

Man trying to saves cat from drowning using umbrella

This man in blue shirt was passing by when he saw a poor cat in distressed along his way. Without thinking twice, he took a flight of imagination to save the kitten who was struggling to get out of the water.

Since the dike is deep and he doesn’t have the resources to rescue the cat, he used his umbrella to shovel this poor furry creature out of the water. People who witnessed his kind act praised him for being kind and smart.

He certainly saved a life and proves that being a hero doesn’t need high end gadgets and expensive devices, only a sprinkle of imagination and the good will to help.

Check out another heroic individual saving a kitten in the video below:

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