Dog Falls Into The River Thames

Man Risks Life to Save Dog Drowning in the River

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Quite often, we hear stories about dogs saving their owner’s life. But rarely do we talk about the times strangers have put their lives on the line to save dogs from dangerous situations. Just like this man from England who jumped into the cold waters of the River Thames to save a dog from drowning.

A Hero: Man Saves Dog from Drowning in River Thames

What looked like a typical day in London turned into a morning worth looking back on after a dog ran away and was later found drowning in the river of Thames. Fortunately, a man walking along the pavement close to the river noticed the canine in trouble and heroically jumped straight into the water.

A moment later, the struggling dog was successfully rescued by the man. But after saving the dog, he found himself stuck, as he couldn’t find a safe way to go back up the sidewalk with the canine in his arms. He struggled to perch on the embankment walls while holding the rusty rescue chains on one hand and the dog on the other.

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Man Saves Dog

Thankfully, rescuers from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, who were seen arriving shortly before the man jumped to save the dog, responded quickly. The crew grabbed the dog first and covered it up in a blanket before helping the man onto the lifeboat.

The man’s heroic deed warmed more hearts when people realized the dog wasn’t even his! As soon as RNLI docked the lifeboat to the side, the good Samaritan returned the dog to his owner.

In a video recorded after the incident, the dog’s owner expresses gratitude toward the stranger who risked his life to save his pet. He said, “That was insane. He ran off the pavement and jumps right over without a second breath.”

Touched by what happened themselves, the RNLI shared a video from the event on Twitter. Shortly after, the clip was shared across social media platforms, with people sending words of praise to the unknown hero.

Indeed, at a time when almost everything we see on TV or read on the papers are stories about conflicts and crimes, a story like this reminds us that despite everything, there’s still good in the world—and that is worth celebrating.

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