Man Trying to Find Love Offers Commuters the Chance to ‘Date While They Wait’ for NYC Subway

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A woman smiles as she takes a flower on her 'date' on the New York subway
A young woman smiles as she takes a rose on her ‘date’ inside the New York subway.

If you’re tired of online dating or looking for a new way to connect with people, you could try what this mans doing in New York City! Just offer spontaneous, blind dates on train station platforms. Sounds easy enough, right?

Thomas Knox wants nothing more than to ‘spread love and joy’ to his fellow New Yorkers during the hustle and bustle of everyday life by setting up makeshift dates at random subway stations. Thomas goes all out by setting up a dining table, two chairs, a sign that says ‘date while you wait’, some type of board game and an array of flowers.

He, then waits for anyone, male or female to take a seat and enjoy each others company before the next train comes. It’s a smooth, plain and simple idea, but the spontaneous blind dates have proved effective so far with pictures popping up on social media of over 30 different dates  in the last 10 days.

And if Thomas and his new friend happen to run out of things to talk about, he’s got that covered. He provides board games, too!

He wrote on his Facebook page: “Playing Connect 4 was super cool and everyone loved the idea.”

Instagram user @ameliamagritte was undoubtedly charmed by Knox. She posted a picture with the caption: “Day was going kind of s***ty, and then I came across this cute fella at West 4th Street and lost a few games of Connect 4 while waiting for the C train. New York always manages to remind you of its charm at the perfect time. #datewhileyouwait.”



It looks like Thomas is accomplishing his goal of making New Yorkers do the impossible and that is to just slow down a bit and smile.

What  started out as a quest for romance for himself has resulted in a chance for Thomas to meet new and interesting people and spread joy across a city that sometimes forgets to stop and smell the roses.

He continued: “Once again I am truly thankful to have the privilege to connect with the wonderful people of New York.”

See more of Thomas’ Date While You Wait pictures and stories on the community’s Facebook page.


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