Man Takes on Part-Time Job as Uber Driver for a Year to Make Fiancee’s Dream Wedding Come True

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James and Mikaela Norvill are both 24 years old and they paid off their $30,000 wedding in less than one year. They recently moved to Sydney, and they have turned to using the “sharing economy” as a way to supplement their income.

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James moonlighted as an Uber driver to have extra income to pay off their wedding. He wanted to give Mikaela the wedding of her dreams and also ease the financial burden their move to Sydney caused.


Their wedding was done in May last year. It was a big wedding because both the groom and the bride have really large families.


It cost a lot to put together, but they are happy to declare that they paid for it themselves. Another big expense was their move to Sydney. They just packed everything and left their home.


The couple saved before their wedding day, but they were left with $15,000 dollars of debt.


Their honeymoon in Bali added to their bills, and so James turned to Uber to add another income to their bank accounts.

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