They were an inseparable couple who died and still hold each other hands

Married Couple of 60 Years Pass Away While Holding Each Other’s Hands

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Never let go of the one you truly love.

Remarkably, Floreen and Ed Hale held each other’s hand, and they never let go until they drew their last breath.

Floreen and Ed Hale

The couple was happily married for 60 years, and over the decades, their marriage stood the tests of time.




Old age took the toll on them, as Ed was hospitalized due to kidney failure, while Floreen was also confined for congestive heart failure. However, they were admitted to different hospitals.

Ed knew that his wife wouldn’t last long, and they wanted to be together for the last time. But he himself was too frail to be transported to be with his wife in her final moments. But with the combined efforts of both hospitals, they were eventually reunited.

Floreen and Ed Hale

The 82-year-old Floreen held her husband’s hand dearly, then she passed away. Hours later, Ed followed her.

The loving couple was given a joint funeral on the eve of Valentine’s Day at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Their undying love for each other kept them together, even in their deaths. Ed’s and Floreen’s tale of true love is undeniably an inspiration to thousands of couples all over the world.

Inseparable Couple

If you love someone, never let them go, not even for a second.

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