Young Mom and Her Baby Rescued by After Surviving 5 Days in the Jungle Following Fatal Plane Crash

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The word “miracle” was the only word the authorities could utter, and there couldn’t have been a better way to describe what survivors Nelly Murillo and her infant son went through after disappearing for five days in the jungles of Colombia.

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Murillo, who is only 18 years old, was found wounded with her son Yudier Moreno just near the site where the small aircraft Cessna 303 crashed. The teenage mother suffered burns all over her body while her baby seemed unharmed.

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The two-engine aircraft had been carrying coconuts and fish when it lost contact and disappeared from the radar just twenty minutes after taking flight. That was when alarmed authorities were sent out to locate the missing plane. Upon locating the aircraft, they saw that the pilot was dead in the cockpit.

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There was no sign of the mother and child, who were listed among the passengers of the flight. Even with the unlikeliness of their survival, the search team set out on foot and on plane. They were finally able to locate the mother and son after two days.

Murillo was found by the river bank with her son in her arms. “It’s a miracle,” Col Carrascal said. He added to the little boy whose life was spared, “His mother’s spirit must have given him strength to survive.”

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The two were airlifted to get professional medical care. According to Murillo’s brother, Carlos, they managed to survive by drinking coconut and rain water, making sure to stay away from the plane in case it exploded. She instinctively came back after hearing the rescue team arrive.

There is no word yet on what caused the plane crash.

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