Mom is Life-Saving Donor For Son with Cancer …But Discovers Shocking News

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If you don’t believe things happen for a reason, then the story of the Evensen family will give you pause.




According to doctors, Auden, Kerri Evensen‘s 4-year-old son, needed a new liver. Determined to save her son’s life, she decided to donate a portion of hers.




“All of the ailments that Auden is currently dealing with will be removed once the transplant is complete,” explained her husband, Tom Evensen.


To know whether she was completely fit to undergo the operation, Kerri underwent several tests. However, after a MRI scan, a life-threatening condition was discovered. Kerri had an aneurysm near her kidney.






Though there were no visible symptoms, doctors said a weak blood vessel started to swell.

Tom said, “It was to the point that if we did go through and have another child, the aneurysm could have burst and could have been severely life-threatening.”

Since the aneurysm was discovered early, the issue was then resolved through surgery.


Kerri said, “I know I would never had done any other test to find this aneurysm in time. So he absolutely 100 percent saved my life, by checking to save his life.”


Because Kerri has now recovered, she can now help save the life of her little boy. Tom stated, “You wait almost five years for the transplant. And to finally put a date on it is really exciting. We’re really excited to start this new chapter of our life.”







While some think it’s just pure luck, others believe it is part of God’s plan. But whatever the real explanation behind, the end will always be the same. In the case of the Evensens, two lives were spared at one time.



Check out the video below.

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