Mom Gets Emotional as She Meets the Girl Who Has Her Son’s Heart

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Losing a member of the family is so painful and a tragic part of life. Tracie and Kevin experienced it with their son Logan. When Logan was 6 weeks old, he had a biopsy that revealed muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.

Knowing their son had a limited time left,  they spent the last 13 months of Logan’s life making him happy. And on February 11, 2013, he passed away.

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Two-year-old Trinity Lazo was diagnosed with myopathy and needed a new heart. And on February 14, 2013, Trinity received the greatest Valentine’s day gift in her life—Logan’s heart.

Logan’s last act had saved another’s life. Watch as the two families meet for the first time.

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“‚“It’‚„s exhilarating to see our kid do the things that we didn‚„’t think we would be able to do,‚” says Trinity’‚„s mother, Monica Lazo. “‚“It doesn‚„’t get any better than this. Like I said, how many different ways can you say thank you? It‚„’s a godsend for us.”

Logan’s heart has a new home now. It may not be the ending the Bakers would have wished to have of their story, but they nevertheless are glad that with their son’s death, he was able to give life, happiness, and hope to others. In a way, Logan still lives—through Trinity.

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