Pregnant with One Baby, This Mom Bursts into Tears as She Sees 3 Balloons at Gender Reveal

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This mom is pregnant with one baby only, so when it was time for her and her husband to know the gender of their child, they were left in shock when not one but three balloons burst into the air.

Mom Pregnant with One Baby Cries After Seeing 3 Balloons During Gender Reveal

Having waited for such precious moment to come, this Dallas couple couldn’t describe the happiness they felt when they learned they were pregnant. So when they realized they needed to organize a gender reveal party for their closest friends and family, they wanted to make sure it was going to be big.

Their close friend Tiniki volunteered to take charge of the event, and wanting the reveal to be even bigger and unforgettable, she decided to add a special twist to the big event. Just like how most gender reveal parties go, the couple were expecting to see either a blue or pink balloon to pop out of the box in front of them. Little did they know, they’ll be met with something that will drive them to tears.

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Pregnant With one Baby

When they opened the box, what came out was not one, not two, but three white balloons. The number and color of the balloons left the couple confused. Although they were unaware yet of the gender, they were sure the wife was carrying only one child. But when the husband read the note that came with the balloons, his wife started shedding tears.

Wife Angela had dealt with three miscarriages, she had two and her sister had one, before they were finally blessed with a baby. With the white balloons, their family wanted to pay respect to the three unborn angels whom they wished were with them.

Tiniki caught the moment on cam and uploaded it on YouTube. With the video was a description that read, “It took a lot to get them where they were that day, so emotions were at an all-time high.”

After such a heartwarming moment, the mother pregnant with one baby and her husband were all ready to learn the gender of their baby—without knowing another surprise was waiting for them.

Watch the video below and witness the tear-jerking moment for yourself.

Watch the video below