Mom Scatters Late Son’s Ashes Across 9,000 Destinations Around the World


Every day, Hallie regretted that she fought with him, and as his ashes sat on the shelf in his parents’ home, it became a constant reminder of how she failed him as his mother.

Then one day, Hallie realized that she did not want her son to be confined in the four corners of their home. A former member of the Air Force, CJ loved to travel and have adventures—things he could no longer do. So she made a request on Facebook to help him see the world, even after his death.


Her post in the page Scattering CJ reached hundreds of friends and thousands of strangers who offered to start scattering CJ’s ashes in their hometowns or in beautiful places they can go to.

Hallie shared, “It dawned on me that his ashes would be sitting in that urn forever. He didn’t get to see the world and I wanted to give CJ something he didn’t get a chance to have. I’m trying to give him a journey.”

For every person who wanted to scatter a packet of CJ’s ashes, Hallie had two requests: first is that they must tell CJ that his mother loves him, and second is that they must tell him she’s sorry.

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