Mom with a Large Nose

Mom with a Large Nose Won’t Step Out of House, Then Life-Changing Surgery Happens


They say appearance isn’t everything, but for Pamela, the mom with a large nose who has been picked on for how she looks, her appearance seems to be the root of all of her problems.

For a long time, stranger and peers viewed Pamela as the mom with a large nose and that has always just been it. People would instantly be drawn to her nose, which bothered Pamela so much that she shied away from the public for years. As a result, Pamela felt increasingly self-conscious.

Mom with a Large Nose Gets Life-Changing Surgery

Pamela’s life began to change when she was contacted by American syndicated talk show The Doctors. On the episode, Pamela shared how her nose grew in size. She revealed that her nose had not always been this abnormally large.

In fact, Pamela has had perfect skin up until the age of 15. At first, she thought it was normal as most teens struggle with acne at the same age. But things took a turn for the worse when she got pregnant for the second time. The mother noticed that her nose began to change in shape.

The doctors diagnosed Pamela with a very rare type of rosacea, a skin disease that commonly appears on the neck, nose, and cheeks. But Pamela’s condition had such a radical effect on her appearance that she began to struggle with anxiety for a long period. To make matters even more uncomfortable for Pamela, strangers would rudely walk up to her and ask what was wrong with her face.

The medical condition was not doing any wonders for Pamela’s personal life as well. The single mother of two struggled to find a man who was willing to accept her physical flaws and confidence issues. They would often be too distracted by her appearance and would not even give the kindhearted woman a callback.

Pamela tearfully confessed that all she wanted was to look normal, and luckily, the kind team from The Doctors was on hand to grant that wish. Pamela underwent three months of laser and pharmaceutical treatments prescribed by the best dermatologists on the show for no charge at all. She then unveiled her jaw-dropping new look in front of the live audience.

“We have rarely seen a more dramatic before-and-after reveal,” said host Dr. Travis.

Not only was Pamela’s nose fixed, but her skin appeared more glowing. Most importantly, you could see the spark in Pamela’s eyes again. This was truly one of the most drastic and life-changing moments that the show has ever seen.

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