Mother and Son Separated For 22 Years Find Each Other at Lowes!




Steve Flaig works at the Lowe’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a delivery driver, he knows that there are lots of things you can find in such a huge store. But never in his wildest dreams had he thought about finding someone special in his workplace.

However, it’s not in the aisle of the superstore that his four-year search for his mother ended. It turned out that his co-worker named Christine Tallady was the woman who gave him up for adoption after he was born 22 years ago.


Chris recalled, “Passing each other, it was just, ‘Hey.'”

“I didn’t really have a lot of contact with him. As a delivery person, he’d get his deliveries, leave the store, do his deliveries, come back, and then pretty much leave. I was based in the store, so I stayed in the office,” the 45-year-old added.


When Steve turned 18, he started asking where his birth mother was. With the encouragement of the parents who adopted him, his search began.

He first visited the DA Blodgett for Children, the agency that took care of the adoption process. Tallady, on the other hand, had left her records open, hoping that someday, the child that she gave birth to will contact her.



Steve was unsuccessful during the first three years of his search. Although he was uncertain whether his mother was still alive, he kept coming back to the agency. Later on, he found out that the reason he could not locate his mother was that he misspelled her last name.

When he hit the search engine and typed “Christine Tallady”, the first result that popped up was a lady living in Grand Rapids, which wasn’t really far from his place.

He just said, “I thought, wow, that’s really close to here, where I work. I bet I’ve seen her in the store.”


In a sudden twist of events, he found out that she hadn’t just dropped by the store. She’s actually working there. But when he knew he was so close to the person he’d been looking for, he didn’t have any idea on how to approach her.

“It’s a bizarre situation, and I was not 100 percent sure as to what to do about it, how to bring it to her attention, and how to break the news to her,” said Steve. “There’s always that fear that it could potentially go wrong or something wouldn’t go right. So I had to be 100 percent sure before I went ahead with it.”

The next thing that he did was he got back to the adoption agency to seek some advice. An employee offered to call Tallady and broke the news to her. She also revealed the first name of her son and his working place.


“I just sat down and just started crying,” Tallady said. “I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ ”



Considering the fact that they’re working in the same place, she immediately prepared a list of all the Steves who are working in the store. Then she eliminated those that didn’t match the age she was looking for, until she came up with one young man who was assigned in the deliveries. After she verified his birthday, she knew he was the boy she was looking for.


When everything was clear, Steve called her, and they both agreed to meet for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Tallady recalled, “We met at a neutral place. I walked in; I saw him sitting there. He got out of his seat, and we just hugged and hugged and hugged and cried and cried. It was very emotional, very emotional.”


“He’s a good person, just a really good person. It just makes you proud he turned out this way,” she added.

For Steve, the meeting completed what seemed to be empty throughout his life. “It’s something that’s just kind of missing in your life. It crosses your mind every day, thinking that this person’s out there somewhere, and I would love to meet them someday. It’s worked out wonderfully,” he stated.

Steve’s roommate, Joel Brinks, narrated how the meeting changed his pal’s life, saying, “He’s infinitely happier. He constantly has a smile on his face and seems a lot more excited than he has been in a long time.”




Tallady was also very inspired and glowing. Though she’s already married with two kids, she still looked very different. She was never that happy. Ever since they got married, she had informed her husband that she had a son, who she gave up for adoption.

Tallady described the reaction of her two kids, Alex and Brandon. She said, “Tears—tears of joy. They’re so excited they have a brother. They are just ecstatic—they haven’t met him yet. They’ve seen him on TV, but they haven’t met him.”


Tallady has nothing more to ask. She is just thankful for the couple who adopted his son as they were able to raise him well.



Know more about this unlikely reunion in the video below.


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