Navy Veteran Shields Unconscious Man from NY Subway Train

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While waiting for his train at 137th Street, Wesley Autrey did something amazing and remarkable. Mr. Autrey, a construction worker and Navy veteran, was with his two daughters waiting for their train at around 12:45 pm. He was taking his daughters home before he heads for work.

Mr. Wesley Autrey

Then suddenly, a man collapsed near Mr. Autrey. Quickly, Mr. Autrey and two women came to help the young man. The man managed to get up but then stumbled from the platform edge and fell to the train tracks. Noticing the headlights of the No.1 train, Mr. Autrey leaped to the tracks and pinned down the man.

Mr. Autrey and Mr. Hollopeter’s grandfather.

The train was not able to stop on time, five cars rolled over inches from his head before the train finally stopped. Quickly, workers cut the power and worked to get Mr. Autrey and the man out. It turns out that the man who fell is 20-year-old university student Cameron Hollopeter. Mr. Hollopeter did have a suffered a seizure attack causing him to fall down the track.



Mr. Hollopeter was quickly brought to a hospital while Mr. Autrey refused the offer saying that there was nothing wrong with him. Like all heroes, Mr. Autrey stated that he didn’t do anything spectacular, he just did what he thought everybody will do when they see someone in need. He said “I did what I felt was right.”

Here’s a video about Mr. Autrey’s amazing action.


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