Neighbors Save Two Women From Burning House

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Heroic neighbors rush to save two women trapped in their own home when a raging started to devour their home. This daring rescue was caught in a video that showed the crucial moments in a one minute video. The incidient occured  in Sandy Springs, GA

The video shows one of the women panicking and jumping off the window from her third floor room into the arms of neighbors waiting below. A few moments later, a young girl followed her example. Help arrived at the scene right after before crying to ensure if everyone had made it out the burning apartment.



Despite the fact that the fire left 20 people and 11 families homeless, residents of the burning building were evacuated safely.

“Those two girls are alive today because of those two men. Faith in humanity is restored,”

A viewer commented on Florida’s WFLA Facebook page about this particular blaze.

Other comments are as follows:

“Those neighborhood kids deserve an honor for getting those two kids out that window.”

Relive the shocking moments in the video below:

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