Officers Dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to Cheer Up Terminally Ill Boy


Nowadays, some police officers are just abusing their power. They’ll be arresting people for no apparent reason or even plant evidences. However, there are still those who are always willing to go the extra mile just to make people happy.

Best example is this team of deputies who danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to cheer up a young kid who is fighting a terminal illness.

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Young boy Spencer Holt is battling mitochondria disease, an illness that targets the patient’s digestive system. According to his mother, Cher Holt, her son has been in and out of hospitals, but unfortunately, the disease still has no cure. Spencer also suffers from low blood sugar and seizures. Because of the complications the kid often has to deal with, no one was entirely sure he could even attend the event.

During a special outing to the Pasco Sheriff’s office in Tampa, Florida, Spencer thought he was just meeting with SWAT members and the sheriff. But being a fan of the hit TV show The Walking Dead, he was in for a very big surprise when he found out he got a chance to battle the undead like his favorite characters do.

The officers knew that Spencer loved the show and is a big fan of police and law enforcement too, so they decided to do something that would give him the chance to enjoy both of his favorites.

Before that special day, two local high schools expressed their desire to take part. Fifty students from the schools’ drama clubs wore scary makeup so they’d look like zombies. They then stayed in an old and untouched jail that connects to the sheriff’s office.

According to Melanie Snow, spokeswoman for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, they had one of their SWAT members bust in the room and say, “We have a special mission for you. Our jail is overrun by zombies!” in the middle of Spencer’s meeting with the sheriff.

With a Nerf gun in hand, Spencer took the mission and roamed around the jail with his family and the officers to restore order.

When all of the zombies were taken care of, a group of police officers gathered and started dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” According to Snow, the officers practiced for two weeks to perfect the dance.

Spencer’s mother was moved to tears as she saw her son enjoying the event and was very thankful to everyone who made it possible. She said, “We don’t know what tomorrow holds for us. I’m so honored to be his mom. He’s just my hero.”

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