One-Eyed Man Adopts and Finds a Friend in a One-Eyed Pup That Nobody Wanted

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After an accident permanently made Jordan Trent, a 32-year-old family man from Georgetown Texas, blind in one eye, life had never been the same. It happened way back when Trent was still a teen. A piece of metal hit him as he was doing work in the yard.

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But many years later, Trent has found someone he could identify with in the form of a special one-eyed dog he named Shiner Solo. The pair’s story became viral when Trent’s sister Kendra shared a photo of him with the pup in Reddit.

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Trent recalls the day he came across Shiner Solo in a market over the holidays. Accompanying him was his family, including his children, eight-year-old Rex and six-year-old daughter Hallee. Trent never intended to adopt a dog that day, but once Shiner caught his attention, he fell in love.

“My wife and kids saw him first,” he said in an interview with the Daily Mail Online. “My kids told me we had to get him because he was blind in one eye just like me.”

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After noticing that nobody else wanted the little fur ball, the family decided to adopt him. He has since then been a wonderful addition. “No one wanted him, which was perfect,” Trent shared.

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