Is She the One? Unique Marriage Proposals to Seal the Deal

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Before the wedding, there will be the engagement. And before the engagement, there will always be the proposal. Marriage proposals have always been the subject of both inspiration and of course perspiration for men. Believe it or not, one of the most talked about stories of a couple is not really the wedding but the proposal as well.

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If you find yourself in a knot, here are some of the top ten marriage proposal ideas that might inspire you to create your own.

Remember, it’s the creativity that counts and of course, the yes.

1.) Public Marriage Proposal


Proposing publicly is nerve wrecking but at the same time very sweet. When it comes to proposing in public places, pick one that is your favorite or hers. It is important to get in touch with the manager of the location to help you arrange for the proposal.  From there, you can create ways on how you can pop the question.

2.) Movie Theater Marriage Proposal


This is quite an ongoing trend for many marriage proposals that can be seen online. When it comes to doing proposals like this, you can opt to have a local movie theater help you with this. Others would include a “trailer” of their love story at the end of a movie.

3.) Destination Marriage Proposal


Nothing beats proposing while on a romantic getaway. One of the best ways that you can propose does not necessarily require you to have many people watching the whole thing. You romantic getaway gets more romantic and your lady love won’t even know it.

4.) Homemade Marriage Proposal

home made

If you want to spend your life with your love, of course, your family and friends would love to know about that. One way for you propose is to make homemade proposal. This can come in many forms, such as you wearing a t-shirt that says “will you marry me?” or how about baking her favorite pie and put the ring inside. There are so many ways you can do homemade proposals. What is most touching about that it is personalized.

5.) At Home Marriage Proposal

home pro

For those who wish to make a simple proposal without all that hustle and bustle, nothing beats a wedding proposal at home. You can customize this proposal in many ways you can. From balloon filled rooms to streamers, this marriage proposal may be simple but all the more memorable.

6.) Techie Marriage Proposal


With technology today, it is no wonder even marriage proposals are becoming high tech.  For the techie in you, some techie proposals would usually involve a custom proposal song on her favorite iTune playlist. You can also make a small website proclaiming your love and the proposal. From websites to uploaded videos, you have an ample lot of ideas for this techie proposal.

7.) The Foodie Proposal


Nothing beats the best taste of not just your favorite food but also of being proposed to at the same time.  From a personalized dessert to a full course dinner, you can have the best proposal with food as well.

8.) At Work Marriage Proposal

at work

It’s all about timing. Nothing beats the hard day’s work then proposing to the one you love. Not only will you give her the surprise of her life, but her friends and co workers are also there to witness that momentous occasion.

9.) Playful Marriage Proposal


Marriage proposals can also be both romantic and playful. One way you can do it is by giving her a candy pack with the ring in it. One idea is that you can have her play a game where the ring is in the game.

10.) Caught on Camera Marriage Proposal

caught in cam

Proposing to the one you love means that you won’t really have time to take a picture, unless many people are involved in it. You can hire a photographer to catch the breathtaking moments of your proposal.  Remember that the most important thing about the proposal is the person whom you are going to spend your life with. And the proposal is just one major step ahead.

Here are some of the unique wedding proposals that might just inspire you!

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Got any marriage proposal ideas?

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