Paralyzed Biker Gets to Ride Again Through His Friends’ Efforts- See What They Did



While riding his bicycle two years ago, trials rider Marytn Ashton became severely injured, paralyzing him from waist down. Doctors then told him he could neither walk nor ride the bike alone again.



Instead of waiting for a miracle to happen, Ashton himself brought change to his life. He created the Road Bike Party video series, along with his fellow trial riders Chris Akrigg, Danny MacAskill, and Blake Samson. Using his standard mountain bike with a modified saddle, they rode through the Snowdonia mountains in the United Kingdom.

Though he isn’t really capable of pedaling, his companions helped him through. Ashton said, “As soon as they’ve pushed me off at the top of the summit, I was no longer the guy in a wheelchair: We were four mountain bikers riding together and we were having so much fun; it was the best time I’ve ever had on a bike”.



Watch the video here:


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