Paramedic Saves Doctor Who Saved Him 30 Years Ago

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Thirty years ago, Dr. Michael Shannon saved the life of a premature baby. Little did he know that the favor would be repaid in the future.

Despite his pre-term birth, Chris Trokey was able to have a chance at life through Dr. Shannon’s efforts. Even he was declared to only have 50 percent chance of survival, the doctor did his best to save him and make sure he would live. The baby whom Dr. Shannon helped grew up living a normal life and even became an Orange County Fire Authority paramedic.

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Chris Trokey

In 2011, an unexpected twist brought Chris and Dr. Shannon together and the baby whom the doctor saved during his birth was able to return the favor.

Dr. Shannon got trapped inside his flaming SUV during a road accident. He could not get out because his legs got stuck in the burning vehicle, due to the impact.

After some time, the flames that engulfed the car began to advance towards his legs. Fortunately, it was during this time when the firefighters got to the scene of the accident and started to fight their valiant best to put the fire out. Amazingly, it was Chris who got to the doctor first. He helped in destroying the SUV’s door, so Dr. Shannon could be pulled out.

Dr. Shannon

However, it was only when they got to the hospital when the doctor and the paramedic/firefighter got to know of each other’s names. It was there when they also realized how small the world really is.

Dr. Shannon stated:

“It’s amazing to watch them all grow up, but to have one come back in your life, on a day you really need it, that’s really incredible.”

Paramedic and Doctor Reunited

The reunion between the doctor and the boy he once saved did not end during that time though. Now, Dr. Shannon is the pediatrician of Chris’ son. This means that the connection between them will continue on.

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