Parents Leave Gifts for Son on Table

Parents Leave Gifts for Son on Table, His Reaction When He Realizes They Aren’t for Him Is Priceless


A lot of parents cannot wait to tell their children that they are about to become big brothers or sisters. On the other hand, some parents keep it to themselves until first, second, or even the third trimester. How and when you should tell your child that you are pregnant is completely up to you. The child’s reaction may vary according to age and personality, so most psychologists advise that parents break the news as gently as possible.

You have probably seen videos of parents revealing their pregnancy to their children online. The reactions are oftentimes funny and amusing to watch. Some scream with delight while others cry when they realize they aren’t going to be the center of attention anymore.

Parents Leave Gifts for Son on Table, Watch His Reaction When He Realizes They Aren’t for Him

Finding out that you and your spouse are expecting is one of the best experiences in the world! The next part of this exciting journey is sharing the happy news to family and friends. Some parents are extra creative when it comes to their announcements. Case in point: this couple who decided to surprise their son with gifts only to reveal that none of them were for him.

In the clip, both mom and dad surprise their son with a table filled with gifts. As soon as the little boy enters the room, he is ecstatic to see all the presents. He is handed over a plush toy and a shirt that is a little bit too small for him. He looks over at his parents, confused about why the gifts are too “young” for him.

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Having a Baby

When he reads the words “Love, Baby Vasquez,” the boy finally understands that he is about to become a big brother. He tries to soak in the information at first until his mother confirms his suspicion out loud. The boy goes from happy to completely overjoyed as he shouts “Yes!” over and over again. His reaction was so sudden that his pregnant mom is caught completely off guard. Too bad the video cuts off after he starts screaming! It would have been great to see what the happy family did next.

The boy’s reaction shows that his baby brother or sister is extremely lucky to have such an awesome older brother. Most kids would only react this way for a new toy, but a new family member is definitely more priceless than any store-bought gift.

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