Homeless Bodybuilder Uses the Streets of Paris as His Personal Gym

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Sayagh Jacques may be homeless, but that doesn’t stop him from getting a ripped body. That’s right, this 50-year-old homeless man from Paris is a bodybuilder, and despite living on the streets, he has maintained an impressive six pack and well-sculpted arms.

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Jacques has made the streets of Paris a personal gym. He doesn’t resort to vices like smoking and drinking whenever he is given cash. As for materials, Jacques has no problem being resourceful as he makes use of everyday structures like park fences and lamp poles to do pull-ups and rows, a rather impressive feat for someone who has had so little his whole life.


When it comes to food, Jacques eats a specific kind to keep his weight on his desired number. In an interview with French director Julien Goudichaud, who came across Jacques one day, the homeless bodybuilder gave him an insight to his life.

“He told me he was sleeping in his tent, he used cardboard to keep the heat, and at the same time he spoke of diet, lifestyle, daily training, and concern for his physical appearance. The contrast was striking,” Goudichaud recalled.


Goudichaud went on to make a short film called Street Fight on Jacques, which quickly went viral on video-sharing site Vimeo.

“I just posted this video on my Facebook so my friends can see it, and I intended to keep it to present it as an example of personal work,” Goudichaud shared. “Within a week-and-a-half, it received 500,000 views, so I was overwhelmed!”


The video was not only good for the filmmaker, but it also created a good impact on Jacques himself as the latter was able to reconnect with his family, namely his son Remi. Not only that, he was also offered numerous stints on television. In turn, Goudichaud has plans to release a longer documentary on this extraordinary story.


Jacques accepted the offer to be interviewed by a French show called Salut les Terriens [Hi, Earthlings]. In the show, his son Remi exclaims nothing but praise for his father. “Whatever you think, I’m proud of you.” he said. Then addressing the viewers, he asked that they help his father reach his dreams. “I would like him to live his passion, but differently. Who knows, he may fulfill his dream and go to train in the United States or just have a pick up or camper to sleep outside his tent.”

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