Meet the 4’5″ ‘Michael Jordan of Dwarf Basketball’ Who Goes Against Players Twice His Size


At 4 feet and 5 inches, Jahmani Swanson makes sure he stands taller than anyone in the basketball court. This doesn’t necessarily mean his stature, but more about the way he plays the game, as Swanson has more fierce determination than anyone double his size.

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The 29-year-old, who hails from New York City, is called the “Michael Jordan of dwarf basketball,” and it’s all for a good reason too. He not only is the star player of the New York Towers, a team composed of men who are shorter than the average height,  he also is a fierce competitor on the court.

Now an Instagram celebrity, Swanson says that the more people underestimate him, the more he strives to be better.

“People think if they’re bigger than me they can post me up, but just because I’m small it doesn’t mean I’m weak. I love it. It’s been something I’ve been facing since I was one or two years old. I face it when I’m on the street and I face it when I’m on the court but it’s a stage and I love showing what I can do,” Swanson shared.

Swanson has robbed elbows with David Beckham and even played a game of basketball with Jamie Foxx and R Kelly.

“I meet a lot of celebrities at games and charity events because I always get invited because I am well known for my videos,” he told the Mirror. “It’s funny because quite often the celebs want to have pictures with me as much as I do with them. I had my photograph snapped with David Beckham who told me he was a fan.”

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