These 19 Shots of Heart-Melting Moments Will Make You Forget You Had a Bad Day

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As humans, whatever legal or illegal crap you are in, you still want to brighten your day in any way. Every day of our lives, it is sometimes undeniable that there are bad minutes of it. Whatever the circumstance is, you can never call it a bad day because there are many, many simple ways to appreciate life and turn the bad minute to a great one.

So here are a few captured precious moments that can uplift your bad minute.

A blind girl feeds a horse with her bare hands for the first time.

How could you ever unlove such privilege as this?

Hey, can you guess who we found in a hundred-acre wood?

This childhood friend should not miss her friend’s wedding.

Parkour in Palestine

This mother listens to her son’s heart in the donor recipient.



That feeling when you finally belong somewhere. Priceless!

This baby is having his first taste of ice cream.

Oh, this little sleeping squirrel!

Now that’s a lunch break!

Some serious crowd surfing



A couple’s momentum. Even the ice shall melt.

Who says there is no forever? They’re married for 65 years!

Life is less serious, you know?

Hitching a free ride over a fine day.

A sweet surprise from this cab driver’s daughter.



Making a stolen shot with a cute guy? Why not?

Not-So-Sonic the Hedgehog

“I can’t be wrong! This is a foot!” That day when he figured it out.



Now there is no reason for you not to be happy today. They just did!


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