Once Weighed 23.5 st, Woman Shares How Pole Dancing Changed Her Body and Her Life

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There are times when traditional forms of exercise don’t work for people. Eda Marbury is one of them, so she opted to find a form of exercise that would suit her. That’s when the 25-year-old woman from Missouri, USA, discovered pole dancing.

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Eda has lost nearly 84 lbs just two years after she first took lessons in pole dancing. She is now showing off her amazing skills and leaving her family in awe with her flexibility. She is also planning to join competitions to further exhibit her pole dancing skills.

As a teenager, Eda suffered from anorexia for eight years. During that time, her weight hit an all time low at 133 lbs. She wouldn’t eat properly and would just consume bits of food. When her 26-year-old husband, Terrik, came into her life, that’s when she won the battle against the disorder.

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