Photographer Shocked to Discover Long-Lost Dad Among Homeless People She’s Photographing

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Diana Kim was a young girl when she learned the art of photography from her father. However, when her parents split, she decided to move instead with friends and relatives, losing touch with the man who introduced her to her passion.

Still, she continued with the trade, and in 2003, she decided to start a long-term photo project about the homeless. In 2012, she made a shocking discovery: the man who showed her how to use her camera is among the homeless she was documenting in the streets of Honolulu.

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She learned about photography from her father but lost touch with him when her parents divorced

In 2012, Kim was shocked to discover her father amongst the homeless she was was photographing

Kim shared, “I had been searching for my father for weeks and finally found him sitting behind a dumpster, tucked under a bush for shade. He suffered from severe schizophrenia and left untreated; he was not always responsive.”

She said that there are nights when she does not see her father at all, and there are other times when he unexpectedly turns up. Oftentimes, though, she sees him apparently arguing with someone, although there was nobody there.

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