Police Officer Comforts Baby Girl After She Just Lost Her Father

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A photo of a police officer comforting a child at the scene of a disastrous road accident is going viral.

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Struck was handed a two-year-old girl at the scene, and he began to sing to her.

Taken by Jessica Matrious, it shows a cop gently cradling a young girl in his arms as the evidence of the horrific car crash lies in the background. Apparently, the police officer was attempting to distract the child from the heartbreaking incident behind them.

According to reports, while the father was killed in the crash, the mother and one child were rushed to the hospital through air ambulance. Three other kids, who were also in the car, were not seriously hurt, but were still brought to the hospital.

The accident happened on June 18, 2015 at 9:30 in the morning. While traveling down the main road of Brighton, Colorado, the SUV blew a tire. As a result, the driver lost control and the car crashed and began rolling. Because of the impact, six family members were ejected from the car.

Ms. Matrious, who was just behind the car, said, “They took an extreme sharp right turn and just immediately started to roll. I pulled over, obviously, and started running to the field to see what I could do. It’s so horrible to see something like that happen, especially because it could have been prevented. If the father was wearing a seatbelt, then he’d still be here”.

Officer Nick Struck arrived on the scene third. Because he too was a father, he immediately comforted one of the three kids, who survived the incident. He sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, the same way he did with his daughter.

“I have a two-year-old daughter and she’s my first kid. So, of course, your first thought is that this could be your little daughter. I’m not a medical person, but I know how to hug somebody, and you better believe every one of those officers on scene would do the same thing”.

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