Police Risks Life to Rescue a Dog From Drowning



A police officer in Salgar, Antioquia was highly applauded after he risked his life to save the life of a dog while being dragged by the flash flood.

Due to the string of heavy rains causing a massive avalanche in town, a dog accidentally fell into the raging current in Liboriana ravine when  group of rural officers came and saw the dog struggling to survive the rage of water. As they were running along the riverbank while shouting to the dog to jump out of the water, one officer plunged to the heavy current and took the dog out of the river.

The dog was disoriented after being taken out of the water and another officer came to give a CPR to the creature before it was sent to the truck for medical help. The dog was reportedly suffering injuries from the rocks and debris in the river but is making a fast recovery.

The dog is now under the care of the police who rescued him, he was adopted and was named Principe.

Few days before the heroic rescue, the town of Salgar was tormented by a landslide destroying hundreds of homes and properties leaving more than seventy people dead. More than 35 people are injured and the number of missing people are yet to be determined.

The catastrophe was known to be the single deadliest event since the earthquake in Armenia city on 1999.



Watch the heroic rescue of the dog below:


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