Watch The Heart-Wrenching Moment When A Puppy Is Rescued From Life-Threatening Fall

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An animal rescue team based in India, called Animal Aid Unlimited, was called in to rescue a desperate trapped animal when neighbors heard the sound of the crying puppy coming from a large well in the area.

The organization provides lifelong care for animals who are homeless so they could prevent them from falling victim to more suffering. The team works tirelessly to locate, feed, and treat dozens of abandoned or injured street animals in need of being rescued and nurse them back to health.

When the rescue team went down and successfully brought it back up top, he ran as fast as he could to find his mom and didn’t stop wagging his tail.

It was said that the little canine fell into a well, and the neighborhood heard him crying throughout the night.

Alone and scared, the puppy was stuck in the well. His pleas for help were heard all throughout the night by the people in the surrounding area.


The dog was shaking and crying out for help when the animal rescue team found it.


After spending some time trying to earn the puppy’s trust, the volunteer finally saw an opportunity to get a hold of the puppy and rescue it.


The team was able to lift the man and puppy out of the well, with nothing but an improvised rope harness.


When the puppy was reunited with its mother, it simply couldn’t contain its excitement.


Watch the entire video below to see this puppy being reunited with its family after falling into a well. It’s definitely worth the watch.


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