Rapper Pledges to Pay Veteran’s Rent for Entire Year …Merry Christmas!

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American rapper 2 Chainz definitely knows what the holidays are all about. Over the weekend, he did something unexpected—he surprised disabled veteran Dierdre Plater.

What was the visit for? It was to inform her that he would pay her rent for the whole year.

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He didn’t just promise to pay the vet’s rent, he also gave her some furniture pieces for her home.


“#DabbinSanta started out as a trendy rapper guy but has grown & become a blessing. Not only did he stop eviction for this lady who served our country and help keep a roof over her sons head but he fully furnished there home!! All of that was made possible by YOU supporting #DabbinSanta Lets keep it going!!! If you know someone in need this holiday please share your stories dabbinsanta@gmail.com,” he wrote on Instagram.



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The rapper turned to Instagram to share the story of his life, from the struggles he had to go through and how he finally succeeded.


“I remember when we didn’t have hot water, and I didn’t want my friends to know, so I told them it was something wrong with that bathroom and they couldn’t use my momma’s. I remember using the oven to heat the house. I would stand in the kitchen for hours to stay warm. I remember waiting until the water co. closes at 5 so we could use a tool and turn the water back on until 6:00 a.m. I remember going to sleep hungry. I remember a long ass extension cord coming from the neighbors house to mine to borrow their lights. I remember stealing cable, cars, clothes, etc. No matter how much pain I endured I smiled on the outside, it was my defense mechanism. I remember ????,” he said.



Now he is trying to prove to his kids that it is important to give back.


Through the efforts of his charity, TRU Foundation, and the sales of his Dabbing Santa sweater collection, 2 Chainz can help those families in need this yuletide season.

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