Red Lobster Surprises a Widow on Her Wedding Anniversary

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For 31 years, a couple would celebrate their wedding anniversary at Red Lobster. Unfortunately, last year was a bit different because it was only the woman who would be having a meal at the restaurant. Even so, the day ended with a touching surprise.

On March 2014, the woman’s husband passed away. So, to keep the tradition alive, her daughter volunteered to take her mother to dinner to pursue the celebration.

Upon arrival, the waitress asked if whether there was any special occasion. The daughter shared about her parents’ anniversary tradition and then finished their meal. When they were about to pay, the surprise came.

Note from Red Lobster

Instead of receiving their bill, they got a note instead, saying:

“We are sorry to hear about our husband’s passing, but we appreciate your loyalty in spending 31 years of your anniversary with us. For your appreciation, your meal is on us! We look forward to spending your next anniversary with us!

Sincerely, Red Lobster & your server, Taylor”

The incident was confirmed by spokesperson for Red Lobster, Erica Ettori. She released the statement below:

“What Taylor, the server, and Chad, the manager on duty, did demonstrates how our teams live Red Lobster’s core values of genuine caring and hospitality each day. All of us at Red Lobster are truly proud of the Columbia team and appreciate their commitment to making every guest’s dining experience a special one. We also extend our wishes to the family who dines with us and look forward to serving them again next year!”


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