Ad Council’s “Love Has No Labels” Video Brings Light to the Way Love Should Be Seen


The blunt reality is that we humans are fundamentally meant to love each other, not judge one another. We are often blinded by what our eyes perceive therefore casting judgement upon a person’s predisposition, racial origin, ethnicity, age, social status, and disability. The only thing that breaks all these mindless perception is love. Love transcends way beyond logic and reasoning.

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Uploaded on March 15, 2015, this video by the Ad Council called Love Has No Labels | Diversity and Inclusion braved the stereotypes and showed people that love is more powerful than we think. It gave the viewers a chance to look at love from a different perspective.

The video lets us imagine a world where there is balance, where acceptance is prominent, and where people are open to the different manifestations of love and not just one. Gender, sex, race, religion—none of this would matter in that utopia. This is clichéd, but the truth of the matter is that if we really seek peace, we must be willing to admit that love is the answer. We just have to believe.

“Love Has No Labels” wants to share with us that everything boils down to love. Close your eyes, disregard the physical sense and see through your heart. Then, prejudice with regards to age, color, ethnicity or sexual preferences will disappear.

“The future technology involved over here is the screen that displays human as skeleton.”

Watch this short clip of how love can destroy stereotypes

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