Couple Vows to Slim Down Before They Can Tie the Knot

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Claire and Stephen are lovers from the United Kingdom who share the same dilemma—losing weight. You can’t blame them. We are all aware of how modern society gives importance to having the perfect figure. We live in an era where people who are slim are praiseworthy while those who are overweight are bullied.

Because of their size,the couple deemed themselves as physically unattractive. In Claire’s case, she couldn’t have cared less about what strangers say, but when a relative started making rude comments about her physique, she told herself it’s time to do something.

Discontented with her 200-pound belly, Claire refused to marry Stephen until she’s able to prove something. “I was a comfort eater. My health was in jeopardy, and I was a bad role model for my daughter Molly,” she said.

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Stephen, pictured below, decided to join his partner’s journey after she refused to marry him thinking she would be a “fat bride.” So before they walked down the aisle, they made it their goal to lose weight together.

They started changing their diet and followed a strict exercise regimen. They kept track of their weights, and when they were both satisfied of their new size, they finally exchanged vows.

Now that they’re married, Claire and Stephen still see to it they keep themselves healthy and fit while also taking care of their daughter, Molly.

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