Her 7th Grade Crush Returns after 34 Years …and Saves Her Life!!

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When she was still in 7th grade, Gail Tannenbaum had a huge crush on classmate Richard Schultz. She recalled how she always looked forward to attending her classes every morning and to going to her locker that was very close to his.

After two years, he moved to another school. Since then, she never saw him again.

Five years ago, approximately 34 years from their last meeting, they both attended a pre-union party. After the event, she was surprised that he messaged her on Facebook. He was asking that maybe they could go out sometimes because they were both single.

After a few messages, they found out they were living just two blocks from one another. What’s more surprising is that they have been there for 23 years already.

Then they started dating, which eventually led to them moving in together.

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However, in 1994, it was discovered that Gail had a kidney disease, which caused her health to decline. While 50 percent of the organ was still functioning, it got worse until only 12 percent of the organ is working, which meant she had to get a new kidney.

So Richard got himself tested. When it was confirmed that he was a match, the couple talked about the pros and cons of having a kidney donation.

However, Gail didn’t want to put his life at risk because he still had his kids from a previous marriage. She was concerned about what they would think.

Fortunately, after a few talks and debates, she finally accepted his gift. On October 14, the surgery was performed. As of now, they are both in good health.

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