How Far Would You Go to Ensure a Partner Isn’t Cheating?

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In this day and age, it has become harder to give someone our trust, especially now that everyone wouldn’t even hesitate to tell a lie. Human as we are, we all fear that if we put our trust on someone, they might bend it and we’ll just get hurt. Because we’re so scared that we might get lied to, we end up going paranoid over almost everything.

Trust issues are pretty common—or normal—in relationships. Some would even check their partner’s phone, Facebook account, and all other manner of communicate with someone else. But there are those who go to extreme ends just to make sure that their partner isn’t cheating on them.

The video below, shot by Ed Delorean together with Rosemary Jane, shows hilarious scenarios where someone goes all “secret agent” on his partner—from pretending to take a picture of her to using a stethoscope to listen to everything she talks about with people over the phone—just to make sure she’s not secretly hooking up with some other guy.

It speaks the truth about how far we would go just to make sure that the person isn’t taking the trust the we give them for granted.



Watch the video below from QPark’s Facebook account.



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