The 10 Things Your Partner Will Never Discuss with You

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If you can read your man’s mind, would you want to?

Well, no need to pray for that superpower. Below is a list of the things that men think about but never talk about it with you.

If you find your best friend, sister, or mom is attractive, then so does he.


He probably just doesn’t want to start a fight, so he keeps it to himself. But pretty much, this one is right off the bat.

Spiders are a big NOPE to him.


He would just swallow a lot of saliva down his throat and suck it up so he can get rid of the nightmarish creature that scared the hell out of you.

He constantly thinks of the future and that scares him.


When he silently sits on the couch with his eyes piercing through the wall, he is thinking about how to get through the next few years.



He cannot fix everything, but he constantly tries.


He would just probably bring a wrench downstairs and try to bang the pipe so the clog would disappear. If all the clanking fails, Google is there to rescue.

Your weight is a topic he will never engage in.


This trick question is on the top of his list of nopes. He will try to divert the conversation into a different one just to avoid answering this question. So don’t bother.



He tries to enjoy your hobbies because it makes you happy.

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Sure, you have a lot of things in common, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll also enjoy going to the beauty salon every Saturday morning. He goes with you because he wants to make you happy. And that to him is more than his pride.

There are things that you hate that he loves.


You probably have nagged at him on how you loathe McD’s because it packs a lot of calories that would contribute to your weight, but that wouldn’t stop him from grabbing a Big Mac while he’s on his way to work.

He will never tell you how he thinks about your family.

Thoughtful handsome businessman working in his office

You’d have to open Pandora’s box before he tells you about this. This is probably number 2 on the list of things he would never discuss.



The amount of porn he watches is off your charts.


Men are genetically wired to watch porn. How often, when, where, and what? You better keep these questions to yourself if you value your sanity.

He has etched the size of his penis down to his last brain cell.


This is the only number that he’ll memorize for the rest of his life aside from his phone number and locker code.



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