When Her Husband Cheated …This Devastated Woman Made the Most Public Response Ever!

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How do people respond when they know their partners are cheating? Some talk it through, while some immediately pack up and leave. But this woman from Sheffield City named “Lisa” did the most hilarious revenge one could ever imagine. Because her letter of good-bye, it’s not just her husband who saw it, the whole crowd of commuters in Northern England also read her bittersweet words of farewell.

Lisa put up a huge billboard sign along the busy road of the English city that read,

To my cheating husband, Paul.

You deserve each other. When you get home, I won’t be there. Enjoy your drive to work!



According to the advertising company where Lisa bought the space for the sign, she obviously planned it ahead of time. She contacted Mark Catterall of Kong Outdoor and ordered two weeks ago to realize the grandest farewell she wanted.



Lisa preferred a digital screen so the message would be delivered on time  between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and made sure it would be on a Wednesday, when the road would be filled with travelers heading to the city center. Even Catterall agreed that it was indeed the busiest road in the area, and the billboard’s location was also well known. Who would not notice a 2.6-meter-high and a 5.6-meter-wide billboard sign with an intriguing message on it?

Lisa reportedly paid a hundred dollars for the sign, even though the usual week-long service costs only $611. Caterall suggested to continue using the same method, which was previously used for marriage proposals.



The not-so-good news garnered too much attention on that fine day that it spread rapidly on the Internet.  Twitter has exploded with tweets about the Sheffield-style breakup, and as expected, everyone had a lot to say.


Watch these videos of a perfect revenge to relationship cheaters below:

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