Inspiring Restaurant Owner with Down Syndrome Gives Customers Free Hugs to ‘Improve Their Lease on Life’

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Tim Harris‘s restaurant may look like just another beanery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but this one is actually extra special. It is the only one in the country that is owned by a man with Down syndrome, and it is filed as the “world’s friendliest restaurant.”

Tim’s parents helped him build the diner and make it grow. Since it was opened in 2010, it has been popular among locals, and it’s all because of his ideas and enthusiastic approach to his customers.

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There are many things you can find on the menu, but the most popular among them is Tim’s free hugs. Yes, customers at Tim’s Place can actually order a hug from Tim, which is described on the menu as a “calorie-free” and “guilt-free” item that will “improve your lease on life.”

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