This Hiker Risked His Life To Save A Puppy Trapped in A Canyon …What Happened Next is Awesome

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This is a story that’s almost too good to be true.

During his adventure in one of Arizona’s remote region, Sgt. Zachary Anderegg, a former US Marine, stumbled upon Riley, a skinny puppy who was abandoned at the bottom of a 350-foot canyon in June of 2010.

Zak devoted to rescue the dog and save its life. He scaled down the canyon several times with no regard for his own safety. Although the endeavor was perilous, Zak’s marine training made it possible for him to pull off such a mentally and physically demanding task. He was able to get back up to safety after more than a day’s worth of tiring work—with Riley in his hands.

Riley was in a really bad condition. His paws were almost destroyed. There were shotgun pellets lodged under his skin. His teeth were black from malnutrition, and worst, he was nothing but skin and bones.

Zak promptly got Riley the medical attention he badly needed after driving him all the way from Arizona his home state of Utah. Riley’s health amazingly began to turn around. His personality shone, and his wounds were healed. Most importantly, Zak and his family took Riley under their wings and provided him a place to call home.

Despite having a long road of recovery ahead, Riley was finally in safe hands. Zak and his family adopted him and decided they couldn’t let go of Riley.

Riley was finally in safe hands, but he had a long road of recovery ahead. Luckily, Zak and his family decided they couldn't let go of Riley. They adopted him!




Riley is now flourishing, years after his rescue. He and Zak came back to the Arizonian canyons—but this time, his best friend stood by his side and had no plans of letting him go.

It's years later, and Riley is now thriving. He and Zak even returned to the canyons of Arizona -- only this time, his best friend was by his side and will never let him go.

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