She Lost Her Father …But What She Did in His Honor is so Heart Warming


Almost two years have passed since Jinna Yang’s father passed away. However, her father’s passing took a serious toll on her as her corporate job in New York left her with neither energy nor time to cope with his death.

Yang wrote in her blog, Grease & Glamour, “I had reached the point where I lost the will to live”.

She added:

“I gave up on my dreams. I shut myself off from my loved ones and closed friends. I developed alopecia and lost my hair at an alarming rate, where on bald spot the size of a dime turned into six half-dollar-sized ones all over my head within three weeks.” 

So, what she did next was to buy a one-way ticket to Iceland. She disposed “80 percent of [her] disgustingly huge closet for extra cash”.

She then quit from her corporate job, did not renew her apartment’s lease, and began to travel the world, bringing with her a cardboard cutout of her dad, who died of cancer at 51 years old.

Yang wrote that her father “sacrificed his entire life for others – his parents, his children, his wife, his family and his friends”. So, she did what she knew was right.

“To share his story, and to help bring peace to my stepmother, my 22-year-old brother, my 9-year-old sister, and myself, I took him with me all over Europe to be photographed together in front of some of the world’s most iconic destinations.”

When he passed away two years ago of stomach cancer, Jinna Yang’s father unwillingly left behind the family he spent his whole life providing for.

Jinna was aware that her father sacrificed a lot of his own aspirations and dreams to make sure his family lived comfortably. So, she made a decision to do something about it.

She quit the job that was causing her a lot of stress and booked a one-way flight to Iceland… carrying with her a cardboard cutout of her dad.

As a tribute to her dad, she began to travel across Europe with the cutout. This also helped her come to terms with his untimely demise.

Jinna’s father worked at his dry cleaning business in Virginia for 12 hours a day, six days a week.

He never had the chance to witness the amazing world he lived in and his passing reminded Jinna about how short life truly is.

Despite her former job paying her very well, Jinna realized that in the end, we need to value our experiences more than our belongings.

She sold a lot of her stuff, then saved up all of the proceedings, so she could pay for her trip.

She mentioned that before taking the trip, she’d lost the will to live.

But, as she went to some of the world’s most dazzling places, she felt a re-envisioned sense of hope.

Though her dad wasn’t there physically to live the adventure with her, she knows his spirit was there.

There’s no question that he would have wished to have been there with Jinna…

…But in the end, the inspiration and love that he showed her was priceless.

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