This Soldier Returns Home Early To Surprise His Family …The Way He Does it is EPIC


We have seen videos of soldiers returning to their families and girlfriends, and they never fail to leave us in tears. But what this soldier did was truly amazing, and one-of-a-kind. Anything can happen during a day at the beach, but there was one surprise Bethany Bronson never saw coming.

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It was just an ordinary day at the beach for Bethany Bronson and her kids, but little did she know that they’ll have the biggest surprise of their lives. They were enjoying the sun, sand, and surf at a beach on Okinawa Island in southern Japan when US Air Force doctor Capt. Hyrum Bronson came out underwater. Capt. Bronson had been on deployment in Afghanistan for six months, and his family wasn’t expecting him until a few more weeks.

A friend of the Bronson family suggested Bethany’s daughter to record a video for their dad and put a smile on his face, so little Charity did and told her dad that she will “love him for always,” while her mom said how badly she missed her husband. It was apparent from their faces that they really missed Capt. Bronson.

Seconds later, the soldier suddenly emerged from underwater with a scuba gear. His whole family was shocked and surprised to see him.

We don’t want you to spoil any fun, so  watch the video below. Surprises just can’t get much better than this.

Watch the video below


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