Son Feeds Sick Mother Using his Teeth …The Perfect Example of Humanity



They say that no one could compare a mother’s love for her children. Yes, that’s definitely true; but when the time comes that your mother gets too old, that’s when you do your part and take care of her the way she used to take care of you. But what if you were born with disabilities? How can you help your mother if you yourself need help?

This is the story of Chen Xinyin, a 48-year-old man who lost both his arms in an electric shock at the age of seven, but still serves his mother with complete dedication.

After losing his arms, Chen started to learn cooking and farming and perfectly strengthened his disability for him and his mother to survive. This loving son has inspired everyone to devote themselves to their parents.

Chen Xinyin looks after her 91-year-old mother who is growing older and weaker each day. Since he can’t use his arms to feed his mother, he uses his mouth to bite the spoon and feed her. He also makes sure to attend to all of her needs, whatever it takes. He does everything on his own, even though he does not have a pair of hands to aid him, and takes care of their small house.


Chen Xinyin recalls the time when he tried to lift a knife for the first time, but the utensil fell on his other foot, which created marks on his feet that are still visible up to now. He also does household chores with feet and somehow manages to finish all of them.

Xinyin has his own farmland and feeds twenty-four sheep, two buffaloes, and four hens, from which he gains profit. After learning to cook by foot, he started to practice doing other tasks like planting wheat, peeling corn cobs, and even weaving baskets by his feet. During the winter, his life gets harder as he often gets frostbites on his toes.

Some people have told Chen that he could just sit on side of the streets and beg for money, but he replied, “I have no arms, but I have good feet. I can’t go make that sort of money.” He chose to be a man who works for a living rather than be a beggar. Sometimes, he even helps his neighbors with things they can’t manage to do.

He keeps in his mind to never give up on life and his mom because he’s all she’s got. He battles through every day but never lets his disability defeat him in the race. Faith in humanity restored.


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