Stranger Saves Life of Toddler Who Suddenly Stops Breathing Through CPR

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A toddler suddenly stopped breathing while at an Australian grocery store. Thanks to a quick-thinking and kind stranger, she was saved.

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A two-year-old suddenly passed out and stopped breathing while inside a store with her mother. The CCTV footage shows the girl’s mother, Amy Collard, going toward the cashier line carrying her daughter’s body.


The people can be seen panicking and trying to decide what to do. They first thought the little girl was choking and tried to dislodge whatever was in her mouth. The girl’s father, Michael Narkle, can be seen running over to the check on his daughter.



One of the customers at the grocery store, Rowan O’Neill, performed CPR on the little girl named Shaylar. After 90 seconds, she was resuscitated.


She was running a high fever and was fanned by witnesses as they waited for the emergency responders to arrive. It is thought that the fever is what caused her to lose consciousness. After staying overnight in the hospital, Shaylar was allowed to go home.

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