Student Received Devastating News …Hear the Heart-Breaking Grad Speech



High-school graduation doesn’t really mark the end of something. Its the celebration of a new beginning, a brand-new chapter in the life of a student.

During this time, graduation speeches are very common. Students bid each other well-wishes, which more often than not, cause faculties, students, and parents to burst in tears.

But this speech delivered by a student from New Zealand seems to be the most heartbreaking.

Everyone who knows Jake Bailey loves him. Sadly, while he was still drafting his graduation speech, devastating news arrived.

Jake Bailey is loved by everyone who knows him. Sadly, the admirable teen was given some devastating news while he was in the process of drafting his graduation speech.



Days before the ceremony, Jake was told by doctors that he had an aggressive form of cancer that may kill him in three weeks if he didn’t undergo treatment right away. All of a sudden, the world of possibilities he was preparing for became something terrifying, something he never thought will come in his future.

Despite the tragic news, he was still determined to speak in front of everybody.

Considering what he’s been through in the past days, Jake managed to deliver a selfless speech. He didn’t even forget to thank and honor the school that turned hundreds of young lads into humble and wise men.





Perhaps, everyone should learn from Jake’s speech: “None of us get out of life alive, so be gallant, be great, be gracious, and be grateful for the opportunities you have.”



Watch the brave student’s entire speech in the video below.

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