Students’ Heartwarming Responses to Teacher’s Question Go Viral

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Clichéd as it may sound, but the saying that you will never know how blessed you are until you find out how minimal the resources other people have. It’s not wrong to hope for more, but it’s not wrong whether to be thankful of what we already have. But perhaps, you have not realized some of these things because you have not really met someone who is not that lucky in life. Well, a teacher from Colorado might just be able to help you know how it feels.

Kyle Schwartz, third-grade teacher of a low-income school in Denver, Colorado, organized a little program that involved the students in the school. What was planned as a simple event that will serve as an arena for students to voice out what they want to say derived a result that is shocking and heartrending at the same time.

Determined to make an impact to her students, Schwartz started her own move by asking her students the question “What do you wish your teacher knew?” The students were to submit their answers anonymously. When she collected the notes, Ms. Schwartz herself were shocked with their answers.

From a student who is hoping his teacher knew that she’s giving too much assignments to someone wishing his teacher knew his parents, these responses show that these kids have a lot more to say about life than what they show in school.



Doull Elementary School houses students who rely on a subsidized lunch program. Teachers are aware of this, but they did not know it is just the start of the problem.

While we already cry over a failure on one of our exams, these kids are stressed out over something else more saddening.



Language barrier: Another student in Schwartz's class wrote about a challenging aspect of being bi-lingual


Schwartz took to Twitter the responses she got, with the hashtag #IWishMyTeacherKnew, and many teachers across the nation did the same thing, and some of them shared answers that are just as heartbreaking.

'It's hard to stay asleep at night': Rebecca Shoniker, a middle school teacher in North Carolina, shared these responses from her class on Twitter

Sadness: Another student in King's class wrote about a fear of having depression. That student was open enough to share those fears with a parent 



If a problem is kept for a long time, it becomes harder. If you know how it feels, perhaps, it is time to take the time to ask the people around you what’s bothering them. You might be able to help more than you thought you could.

Here are videos of some news reports about this viral story.

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